Another View from down on the wind farm - The coolest pics on the net!

or more like way up on the wind farm…


Way up high….

Ever wonder how high those wind turbines are?


Real high.

Renewable Energy? Why Not! pt 6

More common arguments against renewable energy and rebuttals:

6.  Wind Turbines kill birds

Ok, this one makes me laugh a little.  Yes, some birds are killed by flying into wind turbines.  They also fly into windows on buildings.  Are we going to stop using windows now?

I feel that this argument is a cheap shot at environmentalists, trying to pull their bleeding heart strings.  Surely, someone crusading to save the environment wouldn’t advocate a technology that kills animals, right?

Well, it turns out that automobiles and high voltage lines kill more birds than turbines do.  And many companies take steps to make sure birds avoid turbines, including using UV paint and burying transmission lines.  

How many animals are poisoned by pollution from coal/gas/nuclear plants?

With any new technology, we need to be careful about its implementation.  With wind energy, one of the biggest implementation concerns is placement.  Developers are now making sure that wind farms are not on migration routes for birds, making sure they have minimal impact on wildlife.  This is just one of several important factors in placement, including air turbulence, soil conditions, and noise.

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