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Why the U.S. Power Grid’s Days Are Numbered – Businessweek

Here’s a recent article from business week proclaiming that the days of the centralized regulated power grid are numbered.  We all know that monopolies are prohibited in the United States, except for areas such as utilities.  Now, as more people combat pollution and rising fuel prices with home-grown solar and geothermal power generation, there is a small yet growing challenge for the monolithic utilities.


Sound far fetched to you?  Read the article to see why some industry experts think it is coming sooner than you think!

Why the U.S. Power Grid’s Days Are Numbered – Businessweek.

It’s hard not to like the Tesla Model S

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m no fan of electric cars.  EV’s are only as clean as the electricity that charges them, which in most places still means plenty of fossil fuels.  Then there’s the potentially larger environmental hazard of their battery packs, which have relatively short lifespans and use very harmful heavy metals.  Add to that the inconveniences of short ranges and long charge times, and meh…

But it’s hard not to like Tesla’s Model S.

First of all, just take a look:

yeah...I'll take one

yeah…I’ll take one

That’s a little more attractive than some old VW someone converted with a battery pack.  The Model S is a sporty luxury sedan that could show up as Bond car (not surprising, giving that Tesla hired an ex Aston Martin employee as a VP).

Now, some of the big names have made forays into the EV market recently (Nissan’s Leaf, the Chevy Volt) but these cars 1. aren’t as cool and 2. can’t go as far.  Part of Tesla’s success is their far superior battery technology, which gives the Model S a range of 265 miles per charge (depending on battery size), more than 3x the range of the Leaf!

Add to this the engineering-bordering-on-artistic touches of dashboard (with touch screen computer), streamlined retractable handles, and over the air software updates, and every feature makes you want to stand up and applaud.

Even the Key is sexy!

Even the Key is sexy!

It’s no wonder that Motor Trend named the Model S their 2013 Car of the Year.

The accolades continue to pour in, with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announcing that the Model S is the safest car they have ever tested.  Yup, the car scored 5.4 out of 5.  How is that possible?  Well, here are some points from the report:

  • When testing the car’s rollover risk, “the Model S refused to turn over via the normal methods and special means were needed to induce the car to roll”
  • When testing how much force it would take to crush the roof of a Model S, the Model S roof broke the machine

So, the price tag is out of reach for most of us ($50,000-$85,000), but those who can afford one, should get one.  Really, well done Tesla.

yeah, he likes it

Well done indeed.

Photoflow – Solar and Rainwater collection system by NOS

Introducing Photoflow: An ingenious combination rainwater collector/solar panel array from NOS.  This system is designed to provide drinking water and electricity for underdeveloped areas, but could be quite handy to provide a boost in some rural areas, maybe even for some extended camping trips?


The solar panels provide electricity of course, but their large surface area also collects more rainwater and funnels it into the 400L water tank.


More information after the link:

photoflow – solar and rainwater collection system by NOS