Missouri’s Renewable Energy Standard Remains Intact!

Good news Missourians!

The State Legislative session has ended, without HB44 reaching the senate floor, thus preventing it from passing into law.

You may remember from my previous post that HB 44, introduced to the state House by Rep. Bart Korman, sought to count any and all hydroelectric facilities as renewable energy in Missouri.  This was a direct attack on Missouri’s Renewable Energy Standard, which passed by an overwhelming majority in 2008.  The RES set a goal of supply 15% of Missouri’s electricity from renewable sources by 2021.  The RES was supported by many different groups because of its promise to bring new jobs and money to the state, as well as clean up our environment.

HB 44 was introduced to weaken Missouri’s committment to renewable energy, passed through the Missouri House, and made it to committee in the Senate.  Luckily, that’s where it stopped.   The same diverse group that helped pass the RES in the first place stepped up to tell the Senate that the bill would not bring in any jobs, would not help the local economy, and would not move Missouri forward.  Our Senators heard, and although they did not hold a vote on the matter, they ended the session without a decision, effectively killing the bill.

Kudos to all who signed petitions, called congress people, and made your opinion heard.