Renewable Energy? Why Not! Part 5 – Geography

More of common arguments against renewable energy, and why they aren’t right

5. Solar/Wind power doesn’t work in my area

It’s true that some areas are better than others for renewable energy.  After all, when the fuel is sunshine or wind, places that get more of those resources will produce more electricity.  But you don’t have to live in Arizona to use solar power.  In fact, most of the US is blessed with plentiful sunlight making solar a viable power source for most of the country, all the way from Houston to Minneapolis.  Maps here at


Wind resources are less ubiquitous.  You need an area with constant, substantial wind, but not too strong.  Wind turbines can’t be safely used at high wind speeds.  But, wind turbines work better when hooked to the grid rather than in someone’s backyard, meaning that they don’t need to be located nearby.  In Missouri, people all over the state benefit from clean efficient wind  electricity generated in only the Northwest corner of the state, even though most of the state is not prime wind territory!


Speaking of Missouri, a 2010 study by Arizona State puts Missouri as 6th state for best cost-per watt for solar installation, and 4th best for optimal deployment of solar!  (more at the Huffington Post)  So no excuses there,  Missoura’.  You don’t need to be in New Mexico or Arizona to harness the sun!



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