Renewable Energy? Why not! pt 3

More rebuttals for arguments against renewable energy:

3. Wind Turbines/Solar Panels are Ugly

I personally don’t get this one:  Working for a company that signs people up for Wind RECs, I’ve had many people tell me that wind turbines are ugly, they hate seeing them, that they ‘ruin the landscape’.

I disagree, and I know many others do too.  I think they look kind of cool.  Maybe a bit “War of the Worlds”.  They would probably scare Don Quixote, but I think they look modern and interesting.  More importantly, when I see them, I feel happy.  Optimistic.  I think of progress and clean brighter futures.  Maybe you don’t agree.  That’s fine.  But ruining landscapes?  No offense, but I typically don’t see turbines in the most scenic places.  Corn fields, sure.  Lots in flat, farm areas.  Not to say that these areas are ugly, but it’s not like we are putting them up in Yosemite.  Also, placement of wind farms is a very important factor, to be discussed here later.

And they sure look better than smokestacks.  

coal_fired_power_plant    wind turbine plants shipyards

Which looks better to you?

 What about solar panels on homes?

Again, I think they look cool.  But I understand that when you have a classic home, they could mess with the aesthetics.  That’s why it’s important to work with you installer to design the right array for you, in terms of size, efficiency, and look.  Plus, new, thin flexible solar panels are allowing for much more creative designs.



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